Boy Scout Troop 728

We are a fun outgoing Boy Scout troop that meets every monday at Mount Carmel Methodist church. We do different activities monthly along with many different service projects. As a Scout-run organization, we utilize the skills and leadership abilities of our Scouts to conduct creative and engaging activities, meetings, and outings. Involved Scouts, Scouters and parents provide opportunities for our Scouts to participate in training, service, leadership, and advancement opportunities.


WE meet every Sunday at Mount Carmel Methodist Church, from 3:00pm-4:30 pm

4265 Ebert Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27127, USA

If you are interested in becoming a Boy Scout please contact our Troop at We will welcome anyone who wants to be apart of the program. 

Our next troop meeting is Monday FROM 6:00 TO 7:30.

Troop Court of Honor, 2014

Camp Raven Knob OA Arena campfire ceremony.


:Troop Current Information:

  1. Summer Camp 2014, week 5

  2. Congratulations for the amazing work every one has done on selling their camp cards